Angle bending machine Bender ZSR-2660  

The bar folder for sheet metal with new better construction. The machine is mobile, made of closed profiles and German steel. The construction of upper beam guarantees the rigidity of our machine during exploitation, and the regulation system guarantees the accurate shape of bending sheet metal of different thickness.

High quality of workmanship and finish of all elements of our machine guarantees a reliable and durable use with the precision in the machine geometry.




Cutting angle
Bending parameters and cutting
304 kg
Maximum capacity of
bending (400 Mpa): 0,8 mm
Aluminium: 0,8 mm
Inox: 0,65 mm
 Zinc: 0,7 mm


1. Slitter knife – with the regulation of the knife and cutting rollers placement. The cutting rollers are made of high-alloy steel which is highly resistant to abrasive wear. Sheet metal can be cut for a long time with no need for sharpening. (There is a possibility of multiple sharpening of cutting rollers.)

2. Hanger for Slitter knife – a specially shaped hanger which perfectly supports the knife.

3. Back table (+2 back fenders and 2 supports) – sheet metal can be put on the back table  and then moved freely at further processing. It is equipped with 2 fenders with a scale which allows for cutting and bending in a lot production. When supports are folded, back table can be used as a place where worker can store the material.

4. Bending angle disc (from 0 to 160) – enables worker to control visually the angle of sheet metal bending. Its another application is fast shifting limiters of bent plate. 

6. Four limiters of bent plate – enables to set 4 angles (in the whole range) at one time. There is a possibility to shift the angles with the help of dial (from position 1 to 4).

7. Front limiters with scale – the construction of limiters enables to prepare them quickly to cut sheet metal into strips (with high bending repeatability). Not only is there a possibility of quick turning and inserting sheet metal into the machine, but also a quick return to the previous dimension. 

8. Cut plates clamping bar – guards cut sheet metal strips against falling down on step-on platform and worker’s feet. 

9. Step-on platform – limits to the minimum movements of the bar folder during work. Moreover, it protects worker from wet and cold ground. The platform is hung on hinges so it is easy to move the machine.

10. Side handles – enable to bend sheet metal from both sides of the machine. 2 workers can work together 

11. Wheels (two out of four with blockade) – a heavy-duty wheels enables worker to move machine safely and easily.

12. Closing/opening with foot (pedals) – it is very useful for roofers who work alone. The pedals are located in the central part of our bar machine and they do not clash with work of closing side handles. Moreover, they are fast, comfortable and effective. 

13. Radius brake – it finds application in circular finishing of flashing. All machines can be fit with radius brake. Measurements: fi 16-2,50 m 

14. NEW! – Our firm has patented and implemented into production the rising of upper beam which allows worker to bend sheet metal from 4 sides (height: 90mm) – the so-called ‘baking pan type’. With low additional costs, this equipment eliminates the costs of buying expensive segmental bar folder. 

15. BENDING BEAM SUPPORT – these are actuators which are to help to bend the sheet metals. The worker saves his/her time and power.

18. COVER FOR THE MACHINE – made of waterproof and durable fabric (tarpaulin) it protects the machine from dust, rain and mud during the transport. The cover is delivered in a bag made of the same fabric.

 Bender 2160mm\1,0+Kreismesser 1049 Euro

Bender 2360mm\1,0+Kreismesser 1250 Euro

Bender 2660mm\0,8+Kreismesser 1400 Euro

Bender 3160mm\0,7+Kreismesser 1700 Euro

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